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Start the process today and begin removing

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  • Robert Esquivel
    I highly recommend and will always continue to recommend blindly your company to others, if you have helped others the way you have helped me to get back on track, you should feel very proud of that success
    Robert Esquivel
    Miami, FL
  • Sarita Torres
    “Their are people that pay companies and the company never answer their questions. But Mr. Credit is always one phone call away and always answer your email. Very professional and honest!”
    Sarita Torres
    Orlando, FL
  • Charles Mattocks
    Top notch service and great results. Easy to work with and that one on one care you need in this situation.
    Charles Mattocks
    Orlando, FL
  • Tania Mendez
    Very knowledgable, very efficient, and fast results, would highly recommend this company to anyone
    Tania Mendez
    Orlando, FL
  • Omo Yawbo
    Mr credit is the best went from 515 to 645 and still going deleted a lot of my wife account and soon to be home owner and she just became a business owner at the age of 26 godbless his work it takes time but it's well worth it
    Omo Yawbo
    Orlando, FL
  • Martha Liliana Garcia Ramirez
    Mr. Credit was amazing! My credit score went from 500 to nearly 800 today. I definitely recommend his services to anyone wanting to improve their credit rating. With his help I qualified for a car loan at a very low interest rate and just last week I was approved for a home loan! The best part was that he was very hands on and I didn't have much to do throughout the process other than sit back and watch my credit worthiness soar!
  • Charles Mattocks
    “[..] Top notch service and great results. Easy to work with and that one on one care you need in this situation.”
    Charles Mattocks
    Orlando, FL
  • Carlos H
    “I’ve been very impressed with the customer service and knowledge that Mr. Credit has shown me and my wife. The entire experience has been a good one. Very fair pricing and very good results. Thanks Mr. Credit!”
    Carlos H
    Kissimmee, FL

Our Mission

At this time in the United States no one can survive without good credit. At Mr. Credit, our focus is on results for our clients. Many years of credit repair experience have helped us develop a vast arsenal of tools and strategies that have proven to be quite effective.