Services and Results

  • Personal credit history analysis

  • Personal credit repair and negative items cleaning

  • Increase the "score", FICO and BEACON score

  • Opening new SECURED CREDIT CARDS to rebuild the scores and restore the credit levels.


The costs for these services may vary from each particular circumstance, each case being diferent and therefore the first order of business would be to review the updated reports prior to making and opinion. The same happens when it comes to timely advice for special cases, wich can be personal or private corporations or small businesses.


What We Do

Since 1998 we have averaged 20 deletions per Client.

So what is a deletion? A deletion consist of removals, initiated falloffs, or a more positive status for an account. Our team works hard to make sure that your credit report reflects accurate information. This goes well beyond simply seeking a deletion; if an item is yours, we work to ensure that it is reporting correctly. Our approach has generated tremendous results. These deletions lead to higher scores and better borrowing opportunities.

What can be deleted from a credit report?

Negative item susceptible to be removed from your credit report in accordance to recent, updated, and legal actual precedents:

The negative information that appears against you can be removed from the credit bureaus definitely and you can receive the financing for your home and much more.

Mr. Credit guarantees an improvement in the credit history of the client, as well as an increase in his credit score, in a range from 60 to 100 points as a minimum, with a waiting time of 3 to 12 months; each case being different, Mr. Credit can not guarantee score or waiting time of the exact duration of this process.

Anytime Cancellation Policy

As a valued Mr. Credit LLC client, you have the right to extend or cancel our services at any time without any penalty..

Services Include:

Credit Repair- Score Rebuilding- Free Credit Reports Analysis- Financial and Credit Advisement.

Mr. Credit can remove:

  • Charge Off’s
  • Hospital Bills
  • Colections
  • Late Payments
  • Repossesions
  • Late Payments
  • Student Loans
  • Judgements
  • Foreclosures
  • Identity Theft



If we only told you the total number of deletions, we'd only be telling you half of the story. Get the whole story and see for yourself. Start today and start experiencing life with better credit. We offer a services cancellation policy. Put simply, we don't believe you should have to pay for ineffective service. Sometimes it may not matter who you are, how hard you work, or what dreams you have, all that matters is one little number: your credit score.

A credit report is not a paper file kept in one place at a credit reporting bureau. This is part of the reason correcting credit errors can be so frustrating. The credit reporting bureaus have all your information saved in a particular format in a big, interconnected data-base.

Mr. Credit offers quality services and unparallel results, drawing on its many years of experience of helping thousand of clients fix their credit reports.