Why are credit scores important

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Do you know your credit score? To many of us, it is just a number that we don’t really think about all that often. We don’t think of the impact that it has on our spending power, our reputation, and just our life in general. When you have bad credit, a lot of doors are closed to you, and it takes a lot of work to open those doors again. When you are standing in front of one of those closed doors with bad credit, or walking straight through them with good credit, you start realizing just how important that three digit number is.

Why is your credit score so important? Because it shows how much trust a company can confidently place in you. The higher your credit score, the more dependable you are. The lower your score, it shows you haven’t always made your payments on time, or at all. If you have a low credit score because you are regularly late on payments, why should a car dealership trust you enough to finance a new vehicle? Why would someone give you a home loan when your credit score says to them that you are not reliable when it comes to paying it back?

This is why it is important to either keep your credit score high on your own, or if it isn’t where it needs to be, let someone like Mr. Credit, an Orlando credit repair specialist, put you back on top of your spending power.