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    Working with these credit bureaus and affiliates:

    Is a consumer credit reporting agency in the United States, considered one of the three largest American credit agencies. Equifax is the oldest of the three credit bureaus.
    Is a global information services group with operations in 44 countries. Their principal lines of business are credit services, marketing services and consumer services.
    Provides credit information and information management services, provides solutions to almost 45,000 businesses and +- 500 million consumers worldwide.
    Get a free copy of your credit report every 12 months from each credit reporting company. Ensure that the information on all of your credit reports is correct and up to date.

    Start the process today and begin removing

    Start the process today and begin removing

    Rise up your credit score in a few months. Get back the credit you earned and the rates you deserve. Don't waste more time, call now for a free consultation, and see how years of experience can help you get your financial life back on the right track.

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    • Luis Mejias Anderson
      They are the best thanks to them I bought my house 2 new cars and counting responsive and reliable los mejores super recommended
      Luis Mejias Anderson
      South Carolina
    • Arif Zaheer
      Mr Credit is the finest Credit repair company. They are very friendly and always responsive. Very good customer service. I would personally recommend them to all my friends and family. Way to go Carlos.
      Arif Zaheer
      Orlando, F
    • Carlos did a fantastic job helping me get my credit back on track after my divorce. Great communication, honest and knowledgeable.
    • Daniel Arcila
      Long time customer for my family and myself. If you are reading this, call Don Carlos and listen to his wise words! His service is professional and I was able to fix my credit through the pandemic. By following his steps, I went from 546 to almost 700 in a year. Thanks again and again! I didn't Know where to start and this was it!
      Daniel Arcila
    • Irelis
      Carlos is amazing!!! He helped me fix my credit in less than 6month. He has helped my sister, my brother in law, and now my husband. He knows what he is doing when it comes to dealing with creditors and what to expect. Thanks Mr. Credit for helping me fix my credit.
    • Tony Donaldson is very knowledgeable of the business , he's excited for you to be on your way to repairing your credit, he is surely someone I would more than happily recommend .
      Tony Donaldson
    • Francisca Gatica
      I’ve been working with Mr. Credit for several months and I must say I’m very pleased with their service. They helped me by identifying all the incorrectly reported items and accounts in my credit file and did a phenomenal job at removing it pretty fast, my FICO score went more than 100 points in less than two months and that help me to qualify for a conventional loan to purchase my first house with an incredible APR. I’m so glad with the results that I would highly recommend their services to anyone who is facing credit challenges in a heartbeat. Carlos and his team were very Professional and Efficient!! Thanks Mr. Credit!!
      Francisca Gatica
    • Steven Ross
      10 months ago - I can't really say enough of Mr. Credit! The quality of service that I received was great; I could not believe they found so many erroneous information on my credit reports and were so quick to fixed it, my FICO score went from 638 to 719 in a short period of time, giving me the advantage with my bank in order to secured a Mortgage loan with great terms that seem impossible to obtain just shy of 6 months ago.
    • Jack Mullane
      a year ago- I highly recommended , he help me to get my life back in order after many years . His price is fair and he will work with your situation . He is fair and honest a great financial advisor . Thank you Mr. Credit
    • Sylvia Rivera
      a year ago- I can’t say enough about Mr. Credit! He does awesome work and I thank him everyday! I have been seeing awesome results with my credit. I was recommended to Mr. Credit by a friend and I’m very pleased they did. Carlos friend and family will be in contact with you. I have given your card. All the way from Chicago awesome work!
    • Caro Larrazabal
      Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value Super recommended, excellent service and attention, at any time you can write or call them and they always attend you and respond in a pleasant way, always helping you.
    • Rafael Toribio
      Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value Just when you thought life was over after lots of debt and horrible credit,put your trust in this man,more of a magician then a credit repair guy 😉 Like
    • Paola Borbon
      3 weeks ago- Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value I must start by saying thank you. Thank you for such an amazing service throughout some difficult times. I was in search of someone who would help me repair my credit and was recommended to Mr. Carlos. I am so glad i did as he has been nothing short of amazing. He constantly follows up and even after a few months that we wrapped up with the work on my credit, i reached out to get some additional help and the very next day letters were sent out. I am truly grateful for his help and gladly recommend everyone to hire Mr. Carlos, he will get the job done and more!
    • Rafael Borbon
      Excellent service. MR. Credit is a very professional individual who truly helps his clients. He was recommended by a friend and i can attest to his great work. My credit increased over 50 points thanks to him and I will definitely recommend anyone looking for credit repair services to hire Mr. credit, you won't regret it. Thank you for all your help.
    • Robert Esquivel
      I highly recommend and will always continue to recommend blindly your company to others, if you have helped others the way you have helped me to get back on track, you should feel very proud of that success
      Robert Esquivel
      Miami, FL
    • Sarita Torres
      “Their are people that pay companies and the company never answer their questions. But Mr. Credit is always one phone call away and always answer your email. Very professional and honest!”
      Sarita Torres
      Orlando, FL
    • Charles Mattocks
      Top notch service and great results. Easy to work with and that one on one care you need in this situation.
      Charles Mattocks
      Orlando, FL
    • Tania Mendez
      Very knowledgable, very efficient, and fast results, would highly recommend this company to anyone
      Tania Mendez
      Orlando, FL
    • Omo Yawbo
      Mr credit is the best went from 515 to 645 and still going deleted a lot of my wife account and soon to be home owner and she just became a business owner at the age of 26 godbless his work it takes time but it's well worth it
      Omo Yawbo
      Orlando, FL
    • Martha Liliana Garcia Ramirez
      Mr. Credit was amazing! My credit score went from 500 to nearly 800 today. I definitely recommend his services to anyone wanting to improve their credit rating. With his help I qualified for a car loan at a very low interest rate and just last week I was approved for a home loan! The best part was that he was very hands on and I didn't have much to do throughout the process other than sit back and watch my credit worthiness soar!
    • Charles Mattocks
      “[..] Top notch service and great results. Easy to work with and that one on one care you need in this situation.”
      Charles Mattocks
      Orlando, FL
    • Carlos H
      “I’ve been very impressed with the customer service and knowledge that Mr. Credit has shown me and my wife. The entire experience has been a good one. Very fair pricing and very good results. Thanks Mr. Credit!”
      Carlos H
      Kissimmee, FL

    Our Mission

    At this time in the United States no one can survive without good credit. At Mr. Credit, our focus is on results for our clients. Many years of credit repair experience have helped us develop a vast arsenal of tools and strategies that have proven to be quite effective.