Is credit restoration legal?

Is credit restoration legal?

Yes, it is legal and in fact, protected under Federal Trade Commission Rules.

Credit repair services are legal throughout the US in each and every state.

Under federal rules, the customer has the right to dispute any erroneous information in the
credit report that is harming their credit score. The credit report bureau has to rectify it if
there is an error.

Credit Repair Organizations Act

The Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA) is meant to control the credit repair sector.Under this law, consumers can appoint a credit repair organization to rectify the credit score on their behalf.

The primary advantage of employing a credit repair organization to fix your credit record is that it will save you a lot of time, effort, and hassle.

A few bad players in the industry have used questionable tactics to take unfair advantage of customers. Thus, the CROA was formulated to curb such unfair practices.

Here are the rules that credit repair organizations must follow under the CROA. Credit repair organizations:

  • Cannot claim to help customers attain a higher credit score.
  • May not instruct you to change your personal information to conceal negative information contained in the credit report.
  • Should not make untrue claims about their services.
  • May not implement practices that may be considered fraudulent under federal guidelines.
  • Are not allowed to charge fees in advance.

Besides the aforementioned federal rules, credit repair organizations are also required to comply with state rules.

State rules require credit repair organizations to fully disclose all of their fees before customers sign the contract.

That is, they should outline the services that will be offered and their cost.

Thus, you should sign up with a credit repair organization that complies with the aforementioned rules and regulations.